ITU-R Recommendation M.1371-1 describes the following types of AIS:

Class A
Shipborne mobile equipment intended for vessels meeting the requirements of IMO AIS carriage requirement.

Class B
Shipborne mobile equipment provides facilities not necessarily in full accord with IMO AIS carriage requirements. The Class B is nearly identical to the Class A, except the Class B:

  • Has a reporting rate less than a Class A (e.g. every 30 sec. when under 14 knots, as opposed to every 10 sec. for Class A)
  • Does not transmit the vessel's IMO number
  • Does not transmit ETA or destination
  • Does not transmit navigational status
  • Is only required to receive, not transmit, text safety messages
  • Is only required to receive, not transmit, application identifiers (binary messages)
  • Does not transmit rate of turn information
  • Does not transmit maximum present static draught
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